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Amitea Incorporated
708 North Locust Street
Denton, Texas 76201

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Welcome to Amitea
A Place to Nourish Friendship Over Tea




  1. a 'play on words' of amity,
  2. friendship; peaceful harmony.
  3. mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship.

Tea plays a major role in many cultures. It is used as a means of bonding with another, unwinding
from the day, destressing after a long journey, or simply for pleasure, among many other themes.
Yerba Mate, which is an infusion, although not a true tea as it is not from the Camillia Sinensis
plant, is used for a traditional friendship ritual in Argentina. The plant is brewed in a hollowed
out gourd, which is then passed around a circle of friends. Each individual partakes from the same
gourd, symbolizing equality and friendship. At Amitea, where we offer an inviting atmosphere with
bubbly, personable staff, we strive to bring tea to Denton in a way that connects people.

We've found that a hot pot of oolong helps warm up the conversation, a strong cup of assam
assists in studying and a nightcap of chamomile can ease one off into dreamland. With over 70
different varieties of tea and infusions, we're bound to connect you with the cup that speaks to your
soul and prepares you for whatever the day may bring!